Instant On Series

Aruba Instant On AP22 elected as CRN’s 2021 Product of the Year

With its Instant On AP22 access point, Aruba Networks is bringing fast Wi-Fi performance, lower latency and enhanced security to small businesses. The Wi-Fi 6 access point offers speeds of up to 1.7 Gbps and 4X capacity compared to 802.11ac APs—along with capabilities to simultaneously handle multiple clients on each channel, minimize interference from cellular networks and work with all legacy devices. Key security features include two-factor authentication to protect against compromised credentials; secure Wi-Fi access through WPA2/WPA3/OWE authentication; and embedded TPM for securely storing credentials and keys.



Smart Mesh? It’s Wi-Fi pure genius

Mesh Wi-Fi allows you to connect and build out a network of access points without the need for added cabling. Easily set up in just minutes, a single network can support up to 25 access points. Say goodbye to dead zones and hello to getting in the zone.

Manage and monitor your network on the go

Deploy and manage your network on the go from the mobile app or cloud-based web portal at no extra cost. Run your business remotely, add devices, and manage your site anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Latest wireless security that’s easy to count on

Simply use secure WPA3/WPA2 or secure open Wi-Fi network access with OWE authentication on your Wi-Fi networks, and we do the rest. Or, in a single click, you can block application categories and unauthorized devices that could compromise your network.


Reliable Wi-Fi and better coverage? 

Enabling more connected devices and with faster speeds, Aruba's Instant On wireless access points offer options to meet any need at an attractive price. From the office, to the parking lot, and everywhere in between, you won’t experience dropped calls when moving around. You can also expect the same reliable signal strength no matter what device you're using.

Wi-Fi coverage that counts

  • Increasing number of devices? No problem.
  • Built-in security manages users with ease to secure wireless networks from unauthorized access.
  • Separate guest and employee networks.
  • Indoor, outdoor, over there. Get access for wherever you roam.

Now you're Taking Care of Business